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System FlexPoint® is a set of restraint belts and straps for trunk, pelvic and lower limbs protective restraint. Due to the universal attachment methods, it is ideal for the vast majority of special strollers, positioning chairs and wheelchairs offered on the market of medical devices. The selected products of the FlexPoint® are equipped with additional elements allowing easier fastening of belts to people with hand dysfunctions.

Depending on individual needs, the user can choose a classic solution or an advanced dynamic product. FlexPoint® is a system recommended especially for people with muscle spasticity or weakness.

The dynamic design of the products is based on soft, elastic and stretchable elements with optimal thickness. This design provides the highest comfort of use and reduces the pressure on bony prominences. At the same time, it significantly reduces the risk of skin lesions which might be caused by high compression of non-elastic straps.

The correct sitting position supported by the FlexPoint® means safety and comfort during work, therapy and recreation throughout the day.

Why FlexPoint®?


Individual elements can be successfully used in wheelchairs and other seats used by patients.

Vertical dynamics

Flexible material effectively distributes pressure on the body than well-known standard solutions.

Horizontal dynamics

Products with this function are designed for people with spasticity and hypertonia, including tonic and clonic seizures of trunk and limbs. FlexPoint® restraints belts significally reduce the size of tonic–clonic seizures and improved the comfort of use.

Grip & Pull™ system

A special system used in our harnesses and hip belts. The ergonomic D-shaped handle makes it easy for the user to quickly and comfortably fit the product. The system is also designed for people with hand dysfunctions.

Skin friendly

The certificated materials do not cause skin’s irritation and are safe for the patient.