FP-46 BeltiCar® HB Set

Product code: FP-46

The BeltiCar® HB Set (FP-46) - HB version enables safe and secure mounting of the set on seats with high back or with integrated headrest. The special reinforced design of the upper part has additional stabilizing straps to prevent the attachment strap from slipping off the headrest. It is designed not only for people with disabilities, but also for healthy people, including children.

The BeltiCar® Set consitis of:



uwaga  Using the Belticar® System in vehicles does not release the user from the obligation of using the regular seat belts. It is compatible with all types of safety belts used in vehicles. The Belticar® System is recommended both for disabled and healthy people, including children. It can be used by people with paresis, after paralysis, and with limited control over their bodies.


The BeltiCar®  System  

The BeltiCar®  System has been created in order to provide the patient with safety and comfort. It guarantees proper stabilization and maintains the correct sitting position. It is recommended both for disabled and healthy people, including children. It can be used by people with paresis, after paralysis, and poor posture control. The versatility of the BeltiCar®  solutions makes it possible to use them on any seat with high and rigid backrest which give the possibility of pulling the belts through between the backrest and the seat. The system consists of individual elements with different sizes and adjustment possibilities. Individual belts are installed on the fastening belt, which is the basic element of each configuration.

The belts provide support to all body control points such as head, pelvis or lower extremities. This solution allows to maintain upright position without limit the movements of the user. The BeltiCar®  System corrects the user’s sitting position, reduces excessive slouched posture and improves breathing functions. The BeltiCar® System can be installed on swing sets, whose backrests qualify for mounting the fastening belt, and at home securing the correct sitting position on the chair, for example while watching TV. They can also be used in wheelchairs or positioning chairs. The BeltiCar®  System is recommended for use with safety belts in private or public transport. It can be used while travelling by car or bus, regardless of age and will be excellent support in organized transport of people with disabilities.

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Age of a user Available colors HB Fastening belt
Pelvic belt
Shoulder belts
Belticar® HB Set


Age 3 – 8 czarny1 mini FP-42-S FP-43-S FP-46-S
Age 8-15 czarny1 maxi FP-42-M FP-43-M FP-46-M
Age – over 15 czarny1 maxi FP-42-L FP-43-L FP-46-L