FP-06 Dynamic 4-point shoulder retraction harness

Product code: FP-06

DYNAMIC 4-POINT SHOULDER RETRACTION HARNESS FlexPoint® provide optimal shoulder’s position in case of excessive slouched body posture and shoulder girdle protraction.

Shoulder harness work separately and may be adjusted independently. This solution provides shoulder girdle retraction even in asymmetry (e.g. in case of scoliosis).

Shoulder harness FP-06 provides retraction of the shoulders, improves neutral head position and pulls the scapulas back towards the rib cage.

Shoulder harness keeps the chest clear for maximum freedom of movement. It’s an excellent benefit for people with breathing problems.

What is more, non-stretch straps provide better stabilization.

The harness may be used in X-position which is highly recommended for women. In this option, harness are crossed on the sternum, keeping the bust clear.


uwaga Make sure that the relieving elements do not overlap in case when the straps are crossing!
uwaga  Choose your type of adjustment when ordering. Each vest is available with front adjustment (user side) or rear adjustment (caregiver side).
uwaga For safety reasons, it is recommended to use the DYNAMIC 4-POINT SHOULDER RETRACTION HARNESS FlexPoint® together with a pelvic belt or thigh abduction belts.


anatomiczny ksztalt

Anatomical shape – the vest perfectly adheres to the chest. Its design eliminates the risk of shifting upwards towards the neckline, e.g. while bending.


It minimizes the risk of abrasions or bedsores

which is why it is particularly recommended for users with increased muscle tone.

chwyci i pociagnij

Grip & Pull™ System

An ergonomic, large D-shaped grip is a great facilitation for people with hand dysfunctions. It is easy to hold and makes the adjustment of the vest smooth.

Dociąg tylny

Rear adjustment

caregiver side (optional).

Dociąg przedni

Front adjustment

user side (optional).


Dynamic construction

based on soft, elastic and stretchable relieving elements. This guarantees the highest comfort of use. At the same time, it significantly reduces pressure on the chest (it follows the trunk movement forward).

specjalny splot włokien

Made of durable materials with smooth edges

to prevent abrasion of the skin. A special fiber weave prevents the belts from loosening.

latwy do czyszczenia

Easy to clean

both the straps and soft elements of the vest can be washed by hand (more information about the product maintenance and cleaning can be found in the instructions for use).

latwe zapiecie 2

Quick and easy fastening / unfastening

made of durable materials. The vest does not contain metal elements.


Effective shoulder retraction

limited slouched body posture, neutral head and scapulas position.


Non-stretch straps

for greater stabilization, even for patients with excessive slouched body posture.


2 options

clear for people with breathing problems and crossed straps on the sternum, highly recommended for women.

Choose your size

To choose the right size of the vest, measure the shoulder width as shown in the picture.




size shoulder width
FP-06-S 28 cm – 33 cm
FP-06-M 33 cm – 41 cm
FP-06-L 41 cm – 48 cm



FP 06 4

size available colors A E
FP-06-S czarny1 23,5 cm  2,5 cm
FP-06-M czarny1 29 cm  2,5 cm
FP-06-L czarny1 34 cm  2,5 cm

Mounting triangle
Used for installation of straps in belts and vests on strollers and wheelchairs.

D-shaped grip
D-shaped grip is a great facilitation for users with hand dysfunctions. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold and adjust.

Strap buckle
Secures the user and it can be quickly unbuckled in case of emergency.

Fastening strap
You can adjust the product to the user’s body by adapting the length of the fastening strap.

Sliding buckle
Prevents the strap from loosening and moving.

Dynamic anatomic relieving pad
The pad significantly improves control over rotation and inclination of the pelvis, while minimizing pressure on the abdomen or underbelly (e.g. bladder). The pad can be easily attached to any place on the belt that is convenient for the user.