FP-02 Dynamic 4-point Shoulder H-harness

Product code: FP-02

DYNAMIC 4-POINT SHOULDER H-HARNESS FlexPoint® allows the trunk to be properly positioned while sitting. It perfectly stabilizes the breastbone without limiting the movements of the shoulders. Breastbone stabilization improves upright position and reduces excessive slouched body posture. Upright position improves head control and swallowing and breathing functions.


The chest support has been designed in such a way as to provide the user with the right balance between freedom of movement and full stabilization. The resilient material of the chest support guarantees much better pressure distribution (vertical dynamics) and a certain range of free movement of the chest (horizontal dynamics) what does not limit the breathing functions. Smooth, elastic resistance in the chest area strengthens the breathing muscles.

The durable material which is used for FlexPoint® products is soft and skin friendly. It works with the body and does not cause skin lesions and discomfort. The contact surface of the chest support with the body is greater than in the case of other standard solutions, which guarantees better stabilization.

Special front buckle fastening placed under user’s sternum reduces the risk of strangulation and fast removing in case of emergency such as seizure. Also, the front buckle provides smooth width adjustment.


uwaga  For safety reasons, it is recommended to use the DYNAMIC 4-point Shoulder H-harness together with a pelvic belt or thigh abduction belts.
uwaga Choose your type of adjustment when ordering. Each vest is available with front adjustment (user side) or rear adjustment (caregiver side).
uwaga Before using the vest, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the safety rules contained in the instructions for use. For information on how to safely use the vest, see pages 8-9. Improper use and failure to comply with safety rules may endanger the user’s health and life.


ATTENTION! Whenever a chest support, harness or other trunk support is used, a properly adjusted pelvic support should also be worn to prevent sliding from chair/wheelchair.
anatomiczny ksztalt

Anatomical shape

maintains the chest’s shape. Special design prevents against upward shifting while user leans forward. It reduces the risk of pressure on the user’s throat.


Dynamic fabric’s structure

multi-directional knitted fabric provides proper dynamics and improves breathing. Also, it allows to reduce the pressure in case of involuntary movements, myoclonus and spasms.

chwyci i pociagnij

Grip & Pull™ System

An ergonomic, large D-shaped grip is a great facilitation for people with hand dysfunctions. It is easy to hold and makes the adjustment of the vest smooth.

Dociąg tylny

Rear-pull (caregiver’s fitting).

Dociąg przedni

Front-pull (user’s fitting).

specjalny splot włokien

Made of durable materials with smooth edges

to prevent abrasion and lesions of the skin. A special structure of the fibers prevents the belts from loosening.

latwy do czyszczenia

Easy to clean

both the straps and soft elements of the chest support can be washed by hand (more information about the product maintenance and cleaning can be found in the instructions for use).

latwe zapiecie 2

Quick release buckles

made of durable materials and do not contain metal parts.


Buckle fastening

front buckle placed under user’s sternum reduces the risk of strangulation and fast removing in case of emergency such as seizure.

Choose your size

To choose the right size of the chest support, measure the shoulder width as shown in the picture.



size shoulder width
FP-02-XXS 21 cm – 24 cm
FP-02-XS 24 cm – 28 cm
FP-02-S 28 cm – 33 cm
FP-02-M 33 cm – 41 cm
FP-02-L 41 cm – 48 cm
FP-02-XL 48 cm – 56 cm



FP 02 szkic

size available color A B (min. – max.) C
FP-02-XXS czarny1 24,5 cm 11,5 - 19 cm 2,5 cm
FP-02-XS czarny1 28 cm 12,5 - 20,5 cm 2,5 cm
FP-02-S czarny1 32,5 cm  14 - 24 cm  2,5 cm
FP-02-M czarny1 37 cm  15 - 25,5 cm  2,5 cm
FP-02-L czarny1 42,5 cm  17 - 30 cm  2,5 cm
FP-02-XL czarny1 49 cm  19 - 32 cm  2,5 cm

Mounting triangle
Used for installation of straps in belts and vests on strollers and wheelchairs.

D-shaped grip
D-shaped grip is a great facilitation for users with hand dysfunctions. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold and adjust.

Strap buckle
Secures the user and it can be quickly unbuckled in case of emergency.

Fastening strap
You can adjust the product to the user’s body by adapting the length of the fastening strap.

Sliding buckle
Prevents the strap from loosening and moving.

Swivel strap buckle with adjustable width
Swivel strap buckle with a quick release system helps to anatomically adjust the product to the user’s body and the chest width.