FP-22 Dynamic ankle support straps

Product code: FP-22

DYNAMIC FlexPoint® ANKLE SUPPORT STRAPS provide great support when stabilizing the user’s feet. Incorrect positioning of the feet, despite appropriate stabilization of the pelvis and chest, makes it impossible to keep the correct sitting position and may result in feet deformations. Thus, it is extremely important to pay attention to this point when using a seat or stroller.

Dynamic ankle support straps maintain optimal ankle joints position and stabilize lower limbs in case of involuntary movements.

Dynamic ankle support straps provide evenly contact with a surface (feet rest) and increase proprioception and prevent against feet deformations.

The DYNAMIC CONSTRUCTION of the stabilizers allows for their perfect fit providing comfort and safety. The elastic material of the stabilizers evenly distributes pressure around the ankle area, which is a much better alternative compared to other traditional rigid solutions.


uwaga The user should wear appropriate orthopedic footwear in order to stabilize the foot properly.

It minimizes the risk of abrasions or bedsores,

which is why it is particularly recommended for users with increased muscle tone.


Dynamic construction

based on soft, elastic and stretchable relieving elements. This guarantees the highest comfort of use. At the same time, it significantly reduces pressure on the chest (it follows the trunk movement forward).

specjalny splot włokien

Made of durable materials with smooth edges

to prevent abrasion of the skin. A special fiber weave prevents the belts from loosening.

latwy do czyszczenia

Easy to clean

both the straps and soft elements of the vest can be washed by hand (more information about the product maintenance and cleaning can be found in the instructions for use).


Quick and easy fastening / unfastening

high-quality buckles or Velcro (depending on the model) provide durable and stable foot stabilization.


Constant contact with a surface

for increasing proprioception and prevention against the feet deformation.

Choose your size

1 2 300x300

To choose the right size, measure circumference above the ankle as shown in the picture.




FP 22szkic 1 300x144

size available colors perimeter of the ankle
FP-22-XS czarny1 14 cm – 17 cm
FP-22-S czarny1 16.5 cm – 20 cm
FP-22-M czarny1 19 cm – 23.5 cm
FP-22-L czarny1 23 cm – 28 cm
FP-22-XL czarny1 26.5 cm – 33 cm

Mounting triangle
Used for installation of straps in belts and vests on strollers and wheelchairs.

Strap buckle
Secures the user and it can be quickly unbuckled in case of emergency.

Sliding buckle
Prevents the strap from loosening and moving.

Smooth and quick adjustment of the product is possible due to a Velcro fastener.