FP-23 Anatomic thigh abduction belts

Product code: FP-23

ANATOMIC THIGH ABDUCTION BELTS FlexPoint® are ideal for users with lower limb spasticity and clasp-knife effect.

ANATOMIC THIGH ABDUCTION BELTS FlexPoint® are ideal for users with lower limb spasticity and clasp-knife effect.
DESCRIPTION: The Anatomic thigh abduction belts FP-23 are mounted on the side of the seat in its back part. The belts wrap each leg through the inner thigh and go down to the lower side of the thigh, where they are fixed to the front part of the seat. Such an assembly provides a greater contact surface area with the user’s body, which increases the control of leg movement. It helps keep the femur in alignment and prevents excessive adduction. At the same time, the user has full range of motion of the pelvis.
The anatomic thigh abduction belts FP-23 do not cause compression in the lower abdominal region, so the bladder and perineal area are not exposed to excessive pressure. The belts are equipped with D-shaped grips, which make it easy to hold and fasten the belts. Also, the ergonomic strap allows to fasten and unfasten the belts and provides smooth adjustment of compression for users with limited hand functions, e.g. spastic hand.


uwaga  For safety reasons, it is recommended to use the ANATOMIC THIGH ABDUCTION BELTS together with a hip belt.


anatomiczny ksztalt

It minimizes the risk of abrasions or bedsores,

which is why it is particularly recommended for users with increased muscle tone.

chwyci i pociagnij

Grip & Pull™ System

An ergonomic, large D-shaped grip is a great facilitation for people with hand dysfunctions. It is easy to hold and makes the adjustment of the vest smooth.

Dociąg tylny

Dynamic construction

based on soft, elastic and stretchable relieving elements. This guarantees the highest comfort of use. At the same time, it significantly reduces pressure on the chest (it follows the trunk movement forward).

specjalny splot włokien

Made of durable materials with smooth edges

to prevent abrasion of the skin. A special fiber weave prevents the belts from loosening.

latwy do czyszczenia

Easy to clean

both the straps and soft elements of the vest can be washed by hand (more information about the product maintenance and cleaning can be found in the instructions for use).

latwe zapiecie 2

Quick and easy fastening / unfastening

made of durable materials. The vest does not contain metal elements.


D-ring buckle

easy grab and fastening for people with limited grasp function.


Decreased thighs adduction

keeping lower limbs in alignment and reduces the risk of the scissor pattern.

Choose your size



To choose the right size of the belt, measure the distance between the anterior superior iliac spine and the point where the inner thigh touches the seat, as shown in the picture.



FP 02 szkic

size Available colors: A (min. – max.) C D
FP-23-M czarny1 44 cm 90 - 137 cm  2,5 cm  9,5 cm
FP-23-L czarny1 53 cm 115 - 163 cm 4 cm  12 cm

Mounting triangle
Used for installation of straps in belts and vests on strollers and wheelchairs.

D-shaped grip
D-shaped grip is a great facilitation for users with hand dysfunctions. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold and adjust.

Strap buckle
Secures the user and it can be quickly unbuckled in case of emergency.

Fastening strap
You can adjust the product to the user’s body by adapting the length of the fastening strap.

Sliding buckle
Prevents the strap from loosening and moving.

Dynamic relieving pad for safety belts
The pad guarantees an even pressure distribution on the body and relieves the sensitive areas.