FP-21 Dynamic mesh calf support

Product code: FP-21

The DYNAMIC MESH FlexPoint® CALF SUPPORT has been created for those users, who need comfortable and safe lower leg stabilization. There are two kinds of the belt to choose from: wide and narrow.


The calf support guarantees an effective and comfortable calf support with limited risk of skin injuries. It has been made of a special knitted ATMO™ mesh fabric, which is very durable, soft and elastic and which provides high air permeability and minimal water and moisture absorption. Due to this fact, dynamic mesh calf support provides skin air circulation and reduces the risk of inflammation. The calf belt works perfectly in cases of increased muscle tone, minimizing the risk of abrasion and bedsores.

The DYNAMIC MESH FlexPoint® CALF SUPPORT has excellent cushioning which is ideal both for supporting calves and controlling flexion.

anatomiczny ksztalt

Anatomical shape

the large support surface provides great pressure distribution.

chwyci i pociagnij

It minimizes the risk of abrasions or bedsores,

which is why it is particularly recommended for users with increased muscle tone.

latwy do czyszczenia

Easy to clean

both the straps and soft elements of the vest can be washed by hand (more information about the product maintenance and cleaning can be found in the instructions for use).


Quick and easy fastening / unfastening

the durable Velcro used in the belt provides quick and safe fastening of the belt.


2 size options

for perfect fitting to the user.


3D knitted mesh

lightweight, but super durable for perfect support and skin’s breathing.

Choose your size



To choose the right size of the belt, measure the distance between the sides of the footrest as shown in the picture. Do not tighten the measuring tape.



FP 02 szkic

size available colors A B C
FP-21-S/W czarny1 80 cm  35,5 cm  19 cm 
FP-21-M/W czarny1 90 cm  40,5 cm  21 cm 
FP-21-L/W czarny1 100 cm  45,5 cm  23,5 cm 




size available colors A B C
FP-21-S/S czarny1 80 cm  35,5 cm  9 cm 
FP-21-M/S czarny1 90 cm  40,5 cm  9 cm 
FP-21-L/S czarny1 100 cm  45,5 cm  9 cm 


Smooth and quick adjustment of the product is possible due to a Velcro fastener.