FP-A-3 Dynamic relieving anatomic pad (2 pcs)

Product code: FP-A-3

Using the pad significantly improves control over rotation and inclination of the pelvis and offers tridimensional pelvic position control, including frontal, sagittal and transverse planes. They are placed in anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) area and helps to keep the pelvis in neutral position, while minimizing pressure on the abdomen or underbelly (e.g. bladder). Thus, the comfort of using the pelvic belts is improved.

Category: Accessories

The back side of the dynamic relieving anatomic pad is covered with a hook fabric which is easy to attach to the belt. Thanks to this solution, the pad can be mounted in any place that is convenient for the user. The front side of the pad is smooth against the user’s body. Anatomic pads FP-A-3 fill anatomical gaps and prevent a belt from

excessive compression and riding up. This solution improves control of pelvic obliquity and rotation while minimizing abdominal pressure. Pads are available in two sizes and can be only used together with DYNAMIC 2-POINT HIP BELTS (FP-12 or FP-13).


Zestawienie 3


size A B C
FP-A-3 MINI 10 cm  4,4 cm  2,6 cm 
FP-A-3 MAXI 11,6 cm  5,7 cm  3,2 cm