FP-A-4 Adjustable chest buckle

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FP-A-4 Adjustable chest buckle

Product code: FP-A-4

Category: Accessories

The use of the ADJUSTABLE CHEST BUCKLE helps to set the position of the SHOULDER BELTS (FP-43) on the user’s chest. It is easy to unfasten the buckle quickly as it is located in the sternum area. At the same time, it keeps the shoulder straps in place, preventing them from sliding off the user’s shoulders.

The adjustable chest buckle is available in two sizes.

Due to the width adjustment function, the buckle can be successfully used in case of children, adolescents and adults.

size age
FP-A-4-MINI 3 - 8 years
FP-A-4-MAXI over 8 years