FP-A-2 Dynamic relieving pad for safety belts (1 pc)

Product code: FP-A-2

DYNAMIC PRESSURE RELIEF PAD FOR SAFETY BELTS (FP-A-2) is a recommended accessory  to FlexPoint®  System.

Category: Accessories

DYNAMIC PRESSURE RELIEF PAD FOR SAFETY BELTS (FP-A-2) is an accessory available in the FlexPoint® System. It significantly increases the comfort of using both the belts and harnesses. The pad guarantees an even pressure distribution on sensitive body areas such as bony prominences. The pad is made of durable fabric and maintain its shape even with heavy use.

Three loops perfectly keep the pad in place. The pad is available in three sizes.

If the pad is to be used throughout the day or, instead of increasing the comfort of use, for correct positioning, it is recommended to use a DYNAMIC 2-POINT (FP-12) or DYNAMIC 4-POINT (FP-13) FlexPoint® PELVIC BELT.


Zestawienie 3

size A B C
FP-A-2-S 20 cm  5 cm   2,5 cm 
FP-A-2-M 25 cm  6,5 cm   4 cm 
FP-A-2-L 30 cm  7,5 cm  5 cm