FP-EM-5 Mounting screw with cap nut

Product code: FP-EM-5

Category: Mounting elements

The MOUNTING SCREW WITH CAP NUT (FP-EM-5) is used to mount the FlexPoint® System elements on wheelchairs or positioning chairs.

It is recommended to use it with the MOUNTING TRIANGLE (FP-EM-2) or RETRACTABLE BELT WITH CINCH BUCKLE (FP-EM-3).

Included elements: screw with M6 thread with three lengths to choose from, and M6 cap nut.

Mounting screw with cap nut (FP-EM-5)
model screw length thread
FP-EM-5-M6x25 2,5 cm  M6
FP-EM-5-M6x30 3 cm  M6
FP-EM-5-M6x35 3,5 cm M6