What gave rise to our passion?

The end of the nineties and the beginning of the 21st century were a breakthrough for the field of orthopedics and rehabilitation in Poland. Until now, the orthopedic industry was a marginal part of Polish medicine, while the patients' needs were becoming more and more pronounced. Therefore, on the initiative of Sławomir Wroński in 2006, in the southern part of the country, a modern factory of orthopedic products REH4MAT was created. Sławomir Wroński - the main originator and constructor of REH4MAT products, cares for their smallest detail, realizing perfectly well that quality and comfort are extremely important to you. As the founder and owner of related orthopedic and rehabilitation companies, such as Akces-Med or Orto-Res, Sławomir Wroński has been creating the orthopedic industry for many years, achieving numerous successes.

How many have we achieved so far?

Currently, REH4MAT is a leading manufacturer of orthopedic products and medical accessories. We produce hundreds of products a day, which go to store shelves and patients, both in Poland and abroad, in quantities of several thousand pieces per month. Thanks to innovation and security guarantee, our brand is becoming more and more recognizable around the world - from the United States, Qatar to Australia.

Why is it worth trusting our products?

First of all because they are created from the beginning to the end in production plants in Poland. We do not distribute third-party products and we do not download them from Asia. Our products are designed by a team of experienced technologists, engineers and physiotherapists and produced based on the ISO 13485 Quality Management System. Every detail is carefully thought out, both in terms of safety, application and aesthetics.

What can we do for you?

If you have any questions, comments or observations, contact us! Your opinions are the most important for us. Each of them is thoroughly analyzed by the technical-medical team. It is on their basis that we build our offer and we try to adapt it to your needs.